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Sea Glass Jewelry

Types of Sea Glass Jewelry

True Sea Glass Jewelry is made from pieces that have been tumbled in the sea for decades.  In today’s society everyone walking down the beach is somehow a collector of sea glass as it’s beauty can be found when staring at one’s feet while walking in the soft sand.  Very few of these collectors of sea glass actually make jewelry with their new found treasures.  Most sea glass finds its way to jars or a kitchen drawer somewhere and never fully complete their transformation into sea glass jewelry.  Making sea glass jewelry with the real thing is actually incredibly difficult as finding matching pieces is almost impossible.  When you compound this with the complexity of drilling and fabricating sea glass jewelry it’s easy to understand why most sea glass never ends up being worn.  

The easy solution for this lack of inventory of real sea glass is to simply culture some in a rock tumbler.  This has been done for a long time as it is actually quite simple to mix pieces of glass with sand in a rock tumbler and just turn it on.  The Chinese have become quite good at this and there is cultured sea glass jewelry pieces that are readily available for making sea glass jewelry.  The problem is when you place glass in a rock tumbler the randomness that nature adds to real sea glass is taken away.  The resulting cultured sea glass just doesn’t look and feel the same as the real thing and jewelry that is made from this glass has a manufactured look to it that is noticeable. 

Cultivated Sea Glass™ is a new revolutionary material for making sea glass that involves natural processes applied to glass that has been started by man.  Working with Cultivated Sea Glass™ is perfect for sea glass jewelry because pieces of the same color in a similar size can be used for handmade jewelry.  Now there is an option for making sea glass jewelry that is real without having to walk down the beach looking for pieces that match.

Sea Glass Earrings made with green Cultivated Sea Glass™ and clear swarovski crystals
Sea Glass Earrings made with green Cultivated Sea Glass™ and clear swarovski crystals

Where do I Buy Sea Glass Jewelry

Buying sea glass jewelry can be a difficult task.