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Bullseye Stained Glass

Highland Ridge has Bullseye Stained Glass in Stock at our Retail Location in Plainwell Michigan

Bullseye Stained Glass is a fusible glass that is a popular choice for artists.  It is rated 90 COE which means that when heated to a high temperature it will fuse together.  COE means coefficient of expansion and the number represents the rate of expansion.  It is important when working with stained glass fusing that you work with all the same number.  90 COE is one of the most popular choices and as a result there is a higher selection of glass on the market available to work with.

There are several different sizes available for you to choose from and a huge selection of colors.  The edges of each piece of Bullseye stained glass are rolled making a unique artistic edge that is highly desirable for artists that like working with a raw look.  The glass is easily cut to make whatever size and shape you are looking for if you do not wish to work with the raw rolled edges.  A large piece of Bullseye glass measures approximately: 35x20.5 inches and a small piece is basically cut in half and measures 17.5x20.5 inches.

Bullseye has a reputation for making a high quality material that already has artistic properties to the glass because of their fabrication process.  The company was founded in 1974 and has since been delivering cutting edge products and innovations to the stained glass community.

Highland Ridge is proud to have a large selection of Bullseye glass for you to choose from in our showroom.  Located in downtown Plainwell Michigan we are half way between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo and easy to get to from US 131.  

Displaying Bullseye glass is a difficult task.  In our showroom we have taken the time to mount a large selection of glass to wooden backings so that they can easily be displayed.  We are happy to sell you the glass with or without optional mounting hardware or rigid wooden backing.  Depending on how you will be displaying your art glass or if you plan to use it to make your own masterpiece we are happy to help you with your decision process.

Mounting the hardware directly to the wall is a very easy and incredible way to display Bullseye stained glass.  The mounting hardware can easily be screwed directly thru your drywall into the studs in the wall for mounting in a secure fashion.  The optional wooden backing allows displaying with a great rigidity that helps protect the glass and is painted white as to frame the piece of artwork.  LED lighting can even be added behind the sheet of stained glass for an amazing eye popping display.

Please stop by and see us in person as we know you will enjoy viewing our museum like atmosphere that these stained glass pieces offer.  Located in Plainwell Michigan we are open to the public and love to show off our selection of Bullseye Stained Glass.

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Bullseye Stained Glass with LED Backlighting mounted on the wall as artwork.
Bullseye Stained Glass with LED Backlighting mounted on the wall as artwork.

Bullseye Stained Glass

Link to a video showing some of the selection of Bullseye Stained Glass that Highland Ridge has to offer at our retail location in Plainwell Michigan.