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Cultivated Sea Glass Developed Specifically for Jewelry


In a hidden cove over a mile from the closest road surrounded by lush forests of tall oak trees nestled among ancient sand dunes lies a beach that is geologically perfect for cultivating sea glass.  Looking down the small stretch of isolated beach that is tucked in between two large bedrock outcroppings the eyes are mesmerized by the treasures that lie a foot.  A bountiful variety of sea glass stretches almost the entire section of beach eternally trapped by the bedrock outcroppings that prevents its escape down the shoreline.  There is a sense of wonder and amazement as to where this glass in the middle of nowhere has come from.  This wonder and excitement can be found in each and every piece of cultivated sea glass Highland Ridge has to offer.

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Cultivating Sea Glass


Our process of cultivating sea glass is a long and lengthy process that involves both highly refined machines and the natural wave action found on the beach.  With the help of a Chemist and an Aerospace engineer Highland Ridge has been able to create a cultured Sea Glass that is extremely unique and exhibits all the same properties as the pieces that have been in the ocean for decades.  Our process is slow and takes months to take a rough piece of glass and transform it into a natural masterpiece.  By speeding up the chemical process and the natural wave action that is normally done by the ocean our state of the art jewelry shop is able to create a very unique product that many say is even better than the real thing.  Highland Ridge is happy to share our time honored cultivated sea glass with the world thru our Sea Glass Jewelry and Sea Glass Supplies for your DIY Sea Glass and Beach Glass projects.

Making Sea Glass Jewelry


Everyone has a special memory of walking down the beach staring down a the edge of where the water meets the sand and finding that perfect piece of polished glass at our feet.  Many people have a hobby of collecting sea glass and making jewelry or other diy projects with it.  Making jewelry with authentic sea glass can be a very time consuming task as searching for two identical pieces of sea glass is like looking for two needles in a haystack.  Highland Ridge cultivated sea glass makes this process simple and easy with the end result being just as stunning and unique as the natural thing.  By starting with standardized colors and sorting it by size Highland Ridge cultivated sea glass can offer high quality pieces of cultivated sea glass that is much easier to make jewelry from.  Our process is lengthy and complicated but Highland Ridge is very proud of the superior cultivated sea glass that we are able to produce.  Each piece of jewelry made with our cultivated sea glass brings back those fabulous memories we all share as a child finding that perfectly time honored piece of polished glass in the gentle ocean waves.

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We are here to help you make your own Sea Glass Jewelry or Expand your business by offering Wholesale pricing on already made sea glass jewelry.  Your business is important to us no matter if your order is big or small we are here to help you with your beach glass related business.  

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