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Handmade in the USA

Sea Glass Developed Specifically for Jewelry

Sea Glass Jewelry and Wind Chime made from Cultivated Sea Glass™

In a hidden cove over a mile from the closest road surrounded by lush forests of tall oak trees nestled among ancient sand dunes lies a beach that is geologically perfect for sea glass.  Looking down the small stretch of isolated beach that is tucked in between two large bedrock outcroppings the eyes are mesmerized by the treasures that lie a foot.  A bountiful variety of sea glass stretches almost the entire section of beach eternally trapped by the bedrock outcroppings that prevents its escape down the shoreline.  There is a sense of wonder and amazement as to where this glass in the middle of nowhere has come from.  This wonder and excitement can be found in all of the unique products  Highland Ridge has to offer.

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Handmade in the USA Sea Glass Jewelry, Sea Glass Wind Chimes, Sea Glass Sun Catchers, and More

Highland Ridge is proud to offer the highest quality handmade in the USA sea glass products.  We use only the highest quality artist created sea glass in all of our sea glass products.  We love our customers and as a family run business we are here to help you no matter if your order is big or small.

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